• New Product Class

    This 30 min class will be for anyone wanting to learn more about Youngblood’s new product collections. We will be going over ingredients, benefits, and application techniques and tips.

    Featuring new products from our Limited Edition Fall “Glow Up” Collection and “Breast Cancer Awareness Collection”.

  • Product Knowledge Part 1

    Youngblood Core: Prep, Prime and Base  

    • Eye Impact Eye Cream
    • Primers (Anti Shine Mattifier, Mineral Primer, CC Primer)
    • Eye Prime
    • Concealer & Ultimate Corrector
    • Loose & Pressed Mineral Rice Powder
    • High Def Loose Powder
    • Foundations (Loose, Pressed, Liquid, Cream to Powder, Mineral Tint)
    • Contour and Illuminate Palette
    • Minerals in the Mist

  • Product Knowledge Part 2

    We will be going over ingredients, benefits, and basic application.

    • Eyeshadows
    • Eyeliners
    • Brows (Brow Artiste kits, Brow sculpting pencils and brow artiste wax)
    • Mascaras
    • Pressed and Loose Blushes
    • Mineral Radiance
    • Lunar Dust
    • Body Mineral Illuminating Tint
    • Eye Illuminating Duo
    • Lips (Hydrating Lip Cream, lipsticks, lipliners, lip-gloss, matte and sheer crayons
    • Recap Brushes