• Detox Demystified

    The research is clear: Pollutants, debris, free-radicals and blue light can damage the health of your skin, increase inflammation and accelerate the signs of aging. Learn the HydroPeptide Deluxe Detox Facial which incorporates a Honey Tri-Zyme Peel and a Nordic Detox Mask to ensure your skin functions optimally by clearing away build up, deeply purifying, repairing, replenishing and protecting your skin while strengthening its environmental defenses.

  • Gene-ius Series: How to Sell without Selling (Out)

    “Selling” benefits everyone: the therapist, the business and most importantly, the client. This HydroPeptide class will teach you the true value of selling and some ways to think about and approach selling that removes the fear and actually makes it fun. Certificate awarded upon completion of the class.

  • Gene-ius Series: Meet Hydropeptide

    HydroPeptide offers geneticist developed products that provide clinical results with a luxury experience. This class provides hands on product knowledge, a focus on our key active ingredients and a deep dive into what drives our product innovation and philosophy... epigenetics. You won’t want to miss this comprehensive exploration of what makes HydroPeptide so effective in the treatment room and for your clients. Certificate awarded upon completion of the class.

  • Gene-ius Series: Revenue Boosting Treatments

    This HydroPeptide class is loaded with revenue driving, easy to implement treatments as well as lots of tips and tricks for customizing your treatments. We begin with a fresh look at consultations and skin analysis and move into hands on treatments. If you want to offer your clients more effective and customized treatments, you will want to attend this class. Certificate awarded upon completion of the class.

  • Protect to Correct

    Educate yourself and protect your clients from solar damage.This class looks at the types and causes of hyperpigmentation and how to effectively address them as well as the role of sunscreen and antioxidants in healthy, ageless skin. Learn our Clinical Clarity Brightening Facial to achieve a concentrated brightening using a triple-peel and a brightening lactic acid mask. This facial includes a clinically tested skin brightening serum to reduce existing and future pigment while working to resurface skin and reduce the signs of aging. Skin is left smooth, luminous, and more even-toned.