• Gene-ius Product & Treatment Customization

    Learn how to go beyond the basics when combining HydroPeptide products to curate a personalized treatment and provide maximum results for your client.

  • Gene-ius: Advanced Ingredients & Science

    Dig deeper into HydroPeptide by exploring key ingredients individually and learning more about the science of epigenetics; the basis of every HydroPeptide product and the future of anti-aging skin care.

  • Gene-ius: Consultation & Skin Analysis

    No treatment should begin without a thorough consultation and skin analysis. Learn the HydroPeptide method and increase your confidence, treatment room results and retail sales in the process.

  • Gene-ius: Intro & Product Knowledge

    The perfect HydroPeptide introduction or refresher, this class will cover HydroPeptide’s brand philosophy and key sciences as well as allow the opportunity to experience every HydroPeptide product; hands on.

  • Gene-ius: Key Facial Treatments

    This class will give a thorough overview of HydroPeptide’s most popular facial treatments and includes the opportunity for each attendee to both perform and experience a HydroPeptide treatment.

  • Gene-ius: The Service of Selling

    “Selling” benefits everyone, the therapist, the salon/spa and, most importantly, the client. Learn why your service is not truly finished until you have recommended home care and how selling can go from intimidating to a valued part of your service.

  • HydroPeptide & Epigenetics

    Discover how HydroPeptide combines clinical results with luxury experiences. Learn how HydroPeptide’s key sciences harness the power of epigenetics to improve cellular health and guarantee younger, healthier skin. You will walk away with the basic understanding of epigenetic technology and its potential to transform the future of skin care, and how HydroPeptide products and treatments deliver the lasting benefits clients are looking for. Join HydroPeptide in their dedication to beauty BEYOND genetics.

  • HydroPeptide Showroom Event

    Experience the exciting PolyPeptide Collagel + Eye Mask and see the rejuvenating results for yourself!