Comfort Zone

  • Boot Camp Day 1: Product Knowledge & Core Professional Customization

    Morning Portion - Gain a comprehensive understanding of the [ comfort zone ] face and body care products. An interactive course that will increase your confidence when providing solutions, and recommending [ comfort zone ] products and services to any guest.

    Afternoon Portion - During the hands-on portion of this class you will be putting your knowledge to work. Creating a customized treatment experience utilizing the core professional products.

  • Boot Camp Day 2: Treatment Enhancements and Advanced Customization

    **PREREQUISITE** Must have attended Boot Camp Day 1

    Morning Portion - We will review the [ comfort zone ] signature spa experience. A diverse range of Enhancement Treatment options to expand your treatment menu offering. Along with exploring the various Professional Peel and Modeling Mask options designed exclusively for professional use.

    Afternoon Portion - Practice select enhancement treatments, along with the practical application of Professional Peel and Modeling Mask options.

    *Students in this class should already have an understanding of [ comfort zone ] product selections. During Boot Camp Day 1 we will be going over Product Knowledge.”

  • Boot Camp Day 3: Phase Two Massage Techniques & Hands on Treatment Practical

    **PREREQUISITE** Must have attended Boot Camp Day 2

    A deeper dive into this interactive course for the Licensed Esthetician – we will continue to expand your understanding of the diverse range of specialized [ comfort zone ] facial massage techniques. Learn additional modalities to customize your treatments, and wow your guests. Complete your three days by putting your knowledge into action, executing a complete customized facial. Lunch Included.

  • Comfort Zone Hands-On

    Aging cannot be stopped but it can be effectively sustained by deeply understanding what accelerates it, and what can be done to reduce its effects. Join us in learning the professional treatments of the [ comfort zone ] Skin Regimen Nutricosmeceutical collection. A scientific and holistic leading-edge approach that extends youth by promoting skin health and beauty. The Longevity Facial completely revolutionizes the professional approach by offering amazing visible results in just half the time of a traditional facial.

    In this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Skin Regimen professional and retail products and learn how to perform the 30 and 60 minute Longevity Facial. Prepare to receive hands-on training to perform the exclusive Roulage Massage. An advanced skin rolling technique that regenerates and unblocks muscular tension in the face; encouraging blood flow to the surface of the tissues, thus improving oxygenation. Renew, restore tone and reposition the skin tissues for a youthful healthier appearance.

  • Comfort Zone Immersion

    Explore the Comfort Zone brand evolution, product overview and treatment portfolio. Witness revolutionary treatments to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin in half the time of a traditional facial; featuring roulage, or a rolling style massage technique that restores tone and repositions the skin issues for an immediate youthful healthier appearance. Chair side skin rituals will maximize your guest's time during their hair/nail appointments, achieve Professional facial results without taking the cape off, increase product sales and service sales.

  • Skin Regimen Launch

    The city, with its rhythms, its flow of people and its intrinsic vitality, forms the backdrop for Skin Regimen, the brand by Comfort Zone, the skincare division of the Davines Group. The range is designed to meet the needs of modern multitaskers who live in today’s fast-paced times, constantly connected and on the front line. For urban dwellers who want to be the best version of themselves while coping with the effects of daily stress and pollution, those unavoidable, critical factors of city living. Skin Regimen is a modern skincare system, clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress and lifestyle aging on both skin and mind. Work hands on with this collection to learn product application techniques in this unique product launch event.