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While you were out clearing your head, our software: Texted a 1-hour reminder to your next appointment; Scheduled 5 new appointments online; Send a “Thank You” to the new client you saw yesterday; Sold 3 gift cards and 2 special service packages; Reserved 9 products to be picked up; and sent 5 “Happy Birthday” emails to clients with birthdays.

Yes! Salon Services Salon & Spa Software is a comprehensive suite of salon scheduling and business tools to keep your management in tip-top organizational shape while you’re away! Request a demo or sign up to start a free trial of our software. Here are what our customers are saying about the software:

“I have always loved my career, but having this software run my biz since January has made it AMAZING! The support (which you rarely need) is sooo awesome & always positive. I tried 3 others before going with this software & it was the obvious choice. Thank you!”

--Julie McGaha Manuel, Refresh Salon

“I just wanted to thank you for making my work easier! I’m so happy to have made the change to your software! I spend half the time I use to putting together reports and doing payroll and best of all I can do it from anywhere! It’s the simplest system I have ever used. My receptionists also love it. It’s fast and easy to work with and closing out at night only takes five minutes, this salon software is great!!!!”

--Mouna Sapper, Taylor Reese Salons

“I love this software! Having the 1 month free trial, experiencing the amazing support staff right off the bat, the ease of use and the social connection through Vertical Response is worth its weight in gold! Online booking has been very easy for my clients, we are all appreciative and impressed! Thank you!”

--Valerie Utaski, Hair Harmonies

I simply cannot express how happy I am with this software! Pros: As a booth renter in a rental salon, Rosy has allowed me to run my business and keep all of my contacts and books private while I let the receptionists check clients in for me. Online booking has been great for business too - My clients love it! They can book their appointments anytime that is convenient for them. The auto confirm feature is also a lifesaver for me. I just set the preferences and then my clients get a text or even an email confirmation to remind the about their appointment. That way I don't have to make calls at the end of the day. Total time saver! Overall: It's an absolute time saver for me. It's easy to use and my clients love the online booking feature!

--Kay Harris, Hair Focus

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