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Salon Spotlight: Misbehaven


Each team member has an impressive amount of hands-on experience, proven technical know-how, client satisfaction and—of course—a Misbehaven winning personality. Owner Jeanese Humbert talks about how this team of professionals is using the latest techniques and trends in the industry to better their clients' lives.

What makes your Spa and Salon different?

Our mission is making sure every guest feels like they’re at home; as if they’re the only one we’re serving that day. From the moment they walk in to the time they leave, our focus is them. We strive to use the highest quality, cleanest products available making sure they are the absolute best for our guests.

What keeps you motivated to carry out this mission?

My employees. They are my number one priority and without them, we wouldn’t be here. Their happiness and success are all that matters to me and always will. I am so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing team of talented, hard-working women that have the biggest hearts and the desire to always bring their guests the latest in fashion trends and beauty and skincare needs through continuing education.

Where would you like to see your salon in the next ten years?

Thriving and still growing! At some point, I would like to retire to spend more time with my family and grandbabies. I am lucky enough to have a group of capable business-minded leaders who will be the next generation of Misbehaven owners. My dream one day is to drive up to the salon for my appointment and walk in as a client.

Favorite KEVIN.MURPHY product you can’t live without?

Just one? Well, I fell in love with HYDRATE-ME thanks to Sydney and her lovely gift one day in Seattle. However, I can’t live without DOO.OVER either. I use it every day!

126 W. Poplar St.
Walla Walla, WA 99201
(509) 529-4585

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