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Product Spotlight on Skin Authority’s VitaD Fortified Topical Elixir


Got dull skin? Try sunshine in a bottle! Skin Authority’s VitaD Fortified Topical Elixir—this month’s product spotlight—is a triple cocktail of ingredients to revitalize dull-looking skin.

VitaD Fortified Topical Elixir is a lightweight, fast absorbing formula that delivers a topical dose of Vitamin D with a gentle retinol and powerful peptide complex to help restore brighter, tighter, and healthier-looking skin.

This multi-purpose product:
• Brightens tone
• Reduces the look of lines
• Calms irritation
• Targets the look of photo aging

As an added benefit (because Vitamin D is made in the skin and your skin needs Vitamin D to make more of it), studies show a topical application of Vitamin D can be an important strategy in achieving and maintaining Vitamin D sufficiency.

Retail Suggestions

• Makeup station: Apply on client’s face before application of makeup. Provides a matte base.
• Nail Station: Apply to nails and hands before hand massage. Discuss importance of younger-looking hands in the overall anti-aging war.
• Skin Care Counter: Apply to the face. All-in-one product works to brighten and smooth skin in one step.
• Hair Station: Massage into the scalp at the washing station. Reduces flakiness and calms irritation.

Here’s a great talking point: “This product is a triple-cocktail of retinol, peptides and Vitamin D that will exfoliate, brighten, and plump the appearance of your skin. It is lightweight, absorbs quickly onto the skin, and can be layered with other products.”

Key Ingredients

• Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) - Essential to skin health and beauty.
• Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) - Helps reduce inflammation, calm irritation, and assist in the restoration and repair of healthy skin.
• Retinol - Exfoliating agent, fine line reducer, and density plumper.
• Oligopeptide Complex – Helps brighten and even out skin tone for a more luminous look.
• Vitamin E - Moisturizes skin while providing antioxidant protection against photo damage.
• Vitamin K - Reduces the look of inflammation and puffiness. Lightens discoloration.

One-step skin care is here. Pick up your VitaD Fortified Topical Elixir and shop the entire Skin Authority line at Salon Services.

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