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George Learned Featured in Salon Today for Skin Authority


George Learned was featured in Salon Today along with Skin Authority’s CEO and Founder, Celeste Hilling, in an article about simplifying in-salon skin care.

Skin Authority has developed an entirely new concept surrounding skin care sales in the salon with the installation of a Skin Authority retail kiosk that “connects consumers to a virtual skin care coach through Skype or Facetime,” according to the article. Read the article on Salon Today here.

Hilling is working with the Salon Services team to debut the kiosks in the Northwest territory.

“I think the virtual skin coaching is brilliant,” Learned said in the article. “In recent years, we’ve seen salon owners shy away from offering skin-care services because building up that space and keeping skin-care professionals is a big investment, and client education always has been one of the biggest obstacles. But with this system, even salons that don’t offer skin-care services can still sell skin-care retail.”

Purchase Skin Authority on Salon Services and download the My Skin Authority app on the iTunes Store to receive a personalized coaching session for your skin care.

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