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11 Tips and Talking Points about Skin Care, with Skin Authority CEO Celeste Hilling


By Erin Noha

Starting a dialogue about skin care is daunting if you’re a stylist.

“It’s intimidating for salons to carry skin care because they think they’re only experts in hair, not in skin,” said Celeste Hilling, Founder and CEO of Skin Authority.

However, Hilling is taking the “scare tactic” out of that dialogue with easy-to-explain products and directions and on-site chat support with their app, My Skin Authority. Since hair care is starting to use the same vocabulary as skin care, it’s not as hard to have the conversation as you think, she reassured.

“That’s not going away. That’s the future. The lines and vernacular between hair care and skin care are being blurred,” Hilling said. “People in a salon are social and are already talking. We can actually make this dialogue fun!”

Hilling works with celebrities, fashion icons, beauty editors and consumers worldwide to instill a passion for Skin Authority’s products and unique approach to the ultimate customer service experience. She’s been quoted by leading outlets including NBC, ABC, FOX News, The New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily, Forbes and BusinessWeek.

Learn some tips and talking points to get your salon started with Skin Authority:

1. With the free My Skin Authority app, your salon, stylists and clients can talk with a Skin Authority coach through phone, chat or email.

2. Try “Fresh Face Fridays” at your salon to foster good skin health. Having amazing skin is one of the biggest confidence builders you can have.

3. If you send a client home with any two products, make it the Wrinkle Reversing Serum and Dramatic Eye Lift, both with SGF-4 Technology. These are Skin Authority’s heroes.

4. Fun Fact: The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS uses all Skin Authority products! “The less makeup you wear, the better you look on HD. It’s about keeping skin amazing so they can wear less makeup and look better on TV,” Hilling said.

5. Probiotics are not only good for your gut health but for your face, too! They keep the good bacteria so your face is at its finest. Try the Skin Authority Beauty Infusions Probiotics for Clarifying. Beauty Infusions are lightweight drops you can add to skin care products, foundations or use alone for hyper-targeted nourishment.

6. Did you know? Skin Authority tested thousands of different food combinations to see what differences it made on the skin. For example, Blueberry was found to brighten while Turmeric prevented hyperpigmentation.

7. Shop by the ounce with skin care. For $100 an ounce, you can buy an amazing skin product that’s a much better deal and works more effectively than the $20 for 0.02 ounces you can buy at the drugstore.

8. When you think of Vitamin D for strong bones, think of the bone structure in your face, too. If you can keep your bone structure from eroding, your cheekbones will stay high, toning and tightening the skin. Try Skin Authority’s VitaD Fortified™ Topical Elixir.

9. Think about skin care like you do working out. Skin Authority has created the BeautyWorkout™ regimen, which is a combination of skin cardio (retinols, Alpha Hydroxy Acid), skin strength (sunscreen, peptides and Vitamin D) and skin nourishment (antioxidants, topical Vitamin C).

10. Never use retinols during the day—sunlight or ultraviolet (UV) rays block retinols.

11. Choose your oils wisely. For example, coconut oil sits on the surface of the skin but avocado oils are lighter and absorb better.

Erin Noha covers stories for Salon Services. 

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