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Pulp Riot Tips, Tricks, and Swatches


We’ve got some do’s and don’ts on Pulp Riot hair color that you’re going to want to save for later. Use this page as a reference on swatches and insider information about the colors.


• Do not use a conditioner or treatment prior to applying Pulp Riot.
• If pre-lightening the hair, make sure to completely shampoo out bleach or toner.
• Do not mix Pulp Riot with a developer.
• Apply Pulp Riot to clean, dry hair.
• Saturation is key. Working with ½-inch sections makes saturation easy.
• Leave on the hair for 25 to 40 minutes, without heat.
• Rinse thoroughly with cool water. No shampoo. Conditioner on ends optional.

To Avoid Bleeding

• Rinse with cool water.
• Use high water pressure.
• If a dark color is used next to a light color, have an assistant hold hair with one of the colors outside the bowl when rinsing the other color.

After Care Instructions

• Do not wash for the first 2 days after application.
• Wash with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner every few days or use a dry shampoo.
• Shampoo the scalp area only and let the shampoo rinse through the rest.
• Prolonged exposure to chlorinated water or well water will shorten the color cycle.

Lightening Considerations

• While Pulp Riot can be used on hair that is level 7 and above, the lighter the hair, the brighter the results.
• For best results we recommend lightening the hair to: Level 7+ for Noir, Nightfall, Absinthe, Fireball, Cupid, Velvet, Aquatic, and Jam. Level 9+ for Blush, Powder, Smoke, Lilac, Mercury, Lemon, Sea Glass, and Neons.

Silver, Charcoal, Black

• The base color of silver, charcoal, and black should be taken into consideration when mixing them with other colors.
• Mercury is silver. It has a violet base.
• Smoke is charcoal and Noir is black. They have a blue base.

Pulp Riot Paint by Numbers Swatch Guide

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