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While honoring the 2016 Salon Today 200, we’d also light to highlight that every salon owner/stylist struggles with these at certain times throughout their career. Salon Services Sales Teams are always thriving to support you through our many Core Objectives, which are to support increase in Retail Dollars, Service Dollars, Client Retention and New Clients.

Allow our team to help support you throughout the year so that you can continue to excel. Use these leaders as examples of how to excel and build your business with Salon Services support. We’ve linked to each category to its winners so you can easily browse each area and compare your salon with the ST200. With our help, we can build your strengths and weaknesses to help you get to this level.

Education is a Huge Focus for Salon Services

Salon Services’ Education Program is always looking to increase your skills in color, styling, cutting but we also want to increase more than that. Our classes go above and beyond, offering workshops in marketing, business management and extending into inspirational shows.

Our employee culture has also educated our salons, too. We share our internal programs and training (Energy Bus, Colors of Communication) with the salons we do business with and have seen amazing feedback. See the ST200 for Employee Education and other categories below:

Employee Education: At the best salons, education is a career-long process–from streamlined training programs designed to get associates on the floor with talent, confidence and business skills to advanced education programs that keep stylists of all ages creatively stimulated and growing.

Compensation and Benefits: While it’s your team’s job to take care of your clientele, it’s your responsibility to take care of your team. These ST200 honorees design rewarding career paths for each employee while assembling creative compensation packages that lure and retain top talent, according to Salon Today.

Customer Service: Customer service influences the experience your guest has in your salon. And while solid customer service definitely has an impact on overall sales, it’s a trait that’s hard to measure. These honorees had to prove they build engaging programs that encourage their team to deliver top-notch, consistent customer service to each guest at every visit.

Inventory Management: Inventory management is a balancing act. Run too low on product and you miss valuable sales. Carry too much and you’re tying up money that could better be used elsewhere. The strongest salons take tight control, while always creatively seeking new avenues for retail sales.

Giving Back is Easy with Salon Services

We can help you take advantage of philanthropy through your salon! We partner with Wings of Karen, I Sustain Beauty and Justice and Soul, which supports men and women who have been sex trafficked. We also participate in Fashion SOULstice with other salons in the NW area. If your salon is involved in philanthropy, we want to hear about it and support you by sharing with others!

Another way to encourage giving back is through sustainability. Many of our vendor’s core values are aimed at keeping the environment and health of each other at heart. We encourage our salons to partake in programs that foster this core value. Green Circle Salons is a program that takes all of the waste from hair clippings and foils and reuses it in different ways. When clients see your initiatives, they’ll continue to partner with you.

Philanthropy: These ST200 honorees extend the care they give clients each and every day to important causes that impact their community. While the need to give back comes from the heart, the effort yields valuable goodwill that strengthens the bonds a salon or spa has with both its team and its clients.

Planned Profitability is Salon Services’ Forte

We try to blend planning and profitability into everything we do. If we can’t make it meet our core objectives, we decide that it isn’t helpful for our salons and we scrap it.

Planned Profitability: These honored salon and spa owners understand the value of working on their businesses versus just in them. By predicting and planning for profit and keeping a vigilant watch over expenses, they’re building sustainable businesses that stand strong without their income as service providers.

Increase Retail Dollars with Salon Services

Promotions are great at supporting client retention and saving you money. To align with our core objectives, we always offer our promotions and sales so you can offer discounts on retail, backbar and other services.

Retail and Merchandising: Retail sales are a sure path to higher profits, but they require the total buy-in and support from the entire salon and spa team. These ST200 honorees specialize in motivating their teams to success through product education and creative contests, while they attract the attention of clients through innovative promotions and eye-catching displays.

Increase Client Retention with Salon Services

We’ve incorporated a way to increase client retention by offering gifts to our salons. We pair our gifts with promotions so you can offer these free gifts to your clients. See the ST200 for Retention and Referral and Salon Culture below:

Retention and Referral: While a salon’s ability to attract new clients fuels its growth, its ability to get those clients to come back, and come back frequently, drives its success. These ST200 honorees have designed solid programs for attracting clients, retaining them, and encouraging them to pre-book.

Salon Culture: Salon culture is that invisible, yet tangible, energy that distinguishes the salon or spa, binds its team, and attracts clients. These ST200 honorees clearly define their vision and mission, while consistently creating concrete activities and traditions that drive the culture.

Innovation at Salon Services

Innovation is one of our core objectives and we have innovated in a multitude of ways with our new e-commerce and Shopping Lists. Browse and order our products and see our entire list of educational offerings online.

Technology: In today’s successful salon and spa, technology plays a critical role from appointment booking to employee management to marketing. These ST200 honorees prove they are early to adapt the latest technology to propel their growth.

Increase New Clients with Salon Services

When we bring in new brands, products, marketing tactics or promotions, it’s our way of saying that we’re keeping up with emerging technologies or brands so you can increase new clients for your salon.

Growth: To achieve the business momentum that is sustainable growth year after year, salon and spa owners must master a number of best business practices all while confidently leading their teams forward. For ST200 applicants in this category, it’s a numbers game. Who among them achieved the highest percentage of growth in total gross sales between calendar years 2013 and 2014? This year, honorees in this category grew at rates of 10.3 percent or higher. And we didn’t just take their word for it–their financials were verified with copies of their tax returns. (See Growth, Part Two, Here)

Just 6% of the ST200 is represented by the three territories Salon Services covers: WA, OR, and AZ. We want to see this number increase and show some Northwest pride! For more insight on how to run a successful salon, follow us on Facebook and read our blog! Log in and register at Salon Services to start stocking up on your favorite products.

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