Editor's Letter

Remain Relevant But Lead the Transformation That Must Happen


Our purpose is to inform you with what is happening inside and outside the beauty industry from a consumer's perspective so you can make sound decisions to create more value, move beyond the competition and become the obvious choice for your clients when it comes to beauty and fashion!

I recently attended the PBA Executive Summit and was moved by one of the guest speakers, Mike Walsh, best–selling author of FUTURETAINMENT and CEO of Innovation Research Lab Tomorrow, who is a leading authority on 21st century business. He reminded us that, “we know everything is changing - how we live, communicate, entertain and inform ourselves.” Yes it’s fast, disruptive and constantly shifting with the pace of technological innovation! This is WHY we at Salon Services are calling upon all of you to take advantage of Salon Services Software along with its ability to have online shopping through your own website with the brands that you represent through Salon Services. Yes, you heard that correctly! We have the approval from all of our vendors that YOU can now offer your clients only, the opportunity to receive products 24/7 through this software program. It’s called closed loop. Your clients will be able to shop on your site, have the order go directly to our warehouse for fulfillment and you will receive credit for the sale (see your consultant for more details)!

Remember, that this is the generation who has never known a world without smartphones and digital connection. You should be aware that the next big business shifts will be shaped by the algorithmic, AI (Artificial Intelligence) moderated, and data driven experiences. This means that you should know more about your consumer than they do. Amazon is already doing this. In the future, we will see packages automatically arrive on our front door step without us even knowing what it is. However, when you open the box it is “exactly” what you need and at that exact time, you won’t want to return it.

This is a wake up call for all beauty professionals and our manufacturers to reinvent, redesign and reimagine what they do. I know it will take collaboration from all parties and when this happens it will magnify the experience for your client. They will have all the tools they need to have beautiful hair and healthy skin between visits and the freedom to make purchases whenever needed with their mobile. No more bad beauty. Your clients will be reminded of the experience they had with you everyday, when they step into the shower, apply skincare or style their hair with the products that you used and recommended. With this new technology, they can now purchase blow dryers, at irons, cosmetics, skin care and any other items that you normally don’t stock at their convenience. This is part of the experience we want for our clients... Retention is insured by the trust of your guest with this capability as you have personalized and educated them on appropriate usage. Full circle experience at its finest.

Technology may transform your businesses, but CULTURE is still your operating system. Salon Services is here to be of service to you in product, technology, and culture with staff  development. I invite you to investigate, learn and take action because everything that has made you successful until now. It may not be what drives your success in the future, however, could be what derails your success in the future.

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