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Incorporating the 5 Senses Into Your Salon Retail


In our last two articles, we discussed the “Beauty Effect” and remaining relevant with the current shift to technology from brick and mortars. Now we’ll discuss building upon the touchpoints already available within your salon: the emotional connection experienced through our senses. Our senses are linked to our feelings and memories, and can create the ultimate experience for clients.

Let’s imagine building an experience that is fun and exciting, and keeps your client coming BACK! The in-salon experience should be a conversation with your client to learn their wants and needs. The potential opportunity within your salon lies in curating the environmental details of every moment your client has–through sight, scent, taste, touch and sound.

Smell is most closely linked with memory, more so than any other senses. The goal of every stylist/owner should be to create a wonderfully memorable “smell” experience for the client.

  • What is your client’s first initial connection with scent?
  • Does your salon smell pleasant or have a signature fragrance in the air?

Think about all the times you touch your client during their visit and what opportunities you are providing for them to touch and feel their hair, the products, etc.

  • Do you have sample testers ready and available for clients to experiment?
  • Are you providing an experience at the shampoo bowl with a scalp massage?

The way you present your craft is a representation of you and your reputation. One of the most important and immediately noticeable “sight” aspects of your salon is the retail shelves. Make certain to have focused lighting on your retail! A bright, organized display will show clients that you believe in your brand.

  • Do you have current merchandising and shelf talkers that speak to the product’s quality and the client’s questions?
  • Do you have feature displays that provoke interest and tell a story?

Consumers love it when you know “exactly” what they want. Elevate their experience through their sense of taste.

  • Personalize your client’s experience. For example, “ I have your ginger tea with one teaspoon of honey ready for you at my station.”

Remember, your clients are always listening. Think about your conversations, music and noise level.

  • What sounds are in your salon? What is the mood you create with the sound in your salon?
  • How upbeat is the conversation and do you have a script for client consultations?

Creating a sensory-rich environment evoking the five senses will add to our clients salon experience. We are in control of our salon culture and client experience. What do you want your clients to say to their friends about their salon experience? They are your walking and talking billboard and testimonial. Are you living your mission statement of purposeful expectations with each client encounter?

Planning for your client’s emotional touchpoints will engage their desire to purchase, so we encourage you to take action. Call a staff meeting to get ownership of the “why” and “how” of changing your environment. Salon Services consultants are here to support your vision and elevate the customer experience within your salon!

- Sydney Berry, Owner and President & George Learned, Owner and Vice President

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