Editor's Letter

Finding Beauty in the Butterfly Effect


Amazon and other online retailers have disrupted the retail industry by changing the way we shop – re-orienting customers away from traditional shopping experiences toward effortless price comparisons and instant gratification.

While it may seem counterintuitive, I am truly energized and excited for the challenges that lay ahead for small business owners like you and me. Rather than succumbing to the pressure posed by Amazon, I personally find strength and see opportunity in what I call the Beauty Effect.

The Beauty Effect (def.) is the experience of engagement, the one-on-one relationship, enjoyment and awe created within your salon environment.

Touch is one of the strongest connectors we have as human beings. Your quest to understand and interpret your clients vision is the gift of your craft, and something that the Amazon’s of the world can never replicate. This touch can be found in all the little things that you do for your clients to make the experience memorable, build trust, and foster loyalty. These are the things that create long-term relationships, produce referrals, and help a business thrive.

What is YOUR Beauty Effect?

The power of moments are the impressions that create the experience. Focusing on those moments in each and every interaction can elevate their perceptions of the value they receive with your service. Think about how you can use your knowledge of your client to create an experience that is so much more than Amazon will ever be able to offer. How you deliver in these moments is your answer to the pressure of disruption, and how you can compete and differentiate your services. There is no doubt that disruption is happening within OUR industry, but it’s how WE respond that will determine OUR collective future.

NOW is the time to create your point of difference!

Salon Services has created online tools to support your marketing efforts and help you compete in today’s environment. Using our Salon Services Software platform, you’ll be empowered with tools (including mobile web apps) in several different areas, including:

  • Scheduling & Reservations: Online Client Scheduling, Product Reservations, Text Reminders/Email Confirmations
  • Sales: Point of Sale, Credit Card Processing (and coming soon, Optional Online Fulfillment)
  • Outreach: Facebook Integration, Automated Emails
  • Process Management: Marketing, Inventory Management, Reporting

Imagine YOUR salon with an online presence where your clients can buy verified products from a trusted source (YOU!) This not only builds a stronger relationship with your customers, but also helps them avoid diverted products that may be illegally obtained, watered down, or simply a cheap knock-off of the products they could have purchased directly from you.

Visualize spending time one-on-one with your client while the business is operating seamlessly in the background. We want our tools to be your supporting cast and allow you to focus your attention creating moments and experiences that matter for your clients.

Let 2018 be the year of YOUR Beauty Effect as you thrive in the age of technology and customer experience!

- Sydney Berry, Owner and President

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