Behind the Scenes

Why We Love Skin Authority


Why We Love Skin Authority

Skin Authority believes that true beauty comes from within, where health and self-confidence collide. Their formulas transform skin for a lifetime of radiant beauty that's uniquely you.

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Skin Care Gone Viral

Skin Authority started in southern California, providing personal skin care coaching to professional athletes and weekend warriors. They developed a trademarked program called the BeautyWorkout™, customizing simple home product routines to fit busy lifestyles and making their certified skin coaches available online. Word quickly spread of the dramatic changes seen by clients and demand for Skin Authority went viral!

Proof Behind the Product

While many product lines use marketing terms like health, science, and results, very few deliver the visible change to match. Customers love the instant gratification of Skin Authority products which improve their appearance upon application and help them feel more connected to making skin healthier looking overall.

Skin Authority leads a new category of skin care, re-imagining proven technologies while leveraging the latest bio-technology and topical superfoods into the design of products that transform the appearance of skin.

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