Salon Services


Salon Services builds relationships that create success, by shaping and leading the beauty industry through encouraging personal mastery.


People are Salon Services’ most important and valuable resource. Each of us is an authentic individual brought together by a common bond: our desire to build long lasting relationships with our customers and each other.  We value integrity, positive energy, teamwork, dedication, communication, responsiveness and action. We are committed in our desire to lead with knowledge and serve with purpose.  We function in an abundant spirit that enriches lives and creates a legacy of excellence.  We cherish the diversity that strengthens the fabric of expression and the freedom to risk through innovation. We are dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning through Encouraging Personal Mastery.
We are the protectors of the professional beauty industry.

Company Core Values, Power Statement and Supportive Behaviors

Authentic – be real…

Honesty represents our uncensored thoughts and feelings, while truth requires tact, timing, kindness, and empathy. Make us proud.

Innovativedo what hasn’t been done…

Search for a better solution and then top it. Evolve continuously. Experiment without fear of failure.

Integrity – honor your word…

Accountable, Honest, Respect, Courteous.  Without it we cannot be a team.

Have fun, and enjoy the ride!