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Brazilian BlowoutColorProof
 Trifecta Intro to OYA

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or substitute educators and only those registered will be notified.



Sunlights Balayage Workshop with Candy Shaw
Join us for a 2 hour Balayage Workshop! You will learn how to paint energy into your haircuts and reduce highlighting time by half; learn to reawaken hair’s natural brilliance with Balayage. Unleash your inner artist and start painting your way to financial freedom! Creator of Sunlights and Balayage Educator, Candy Shaw will be instructing this workshop! Don't miss out on a great learning opportunity! Stay with us for our final hour for a meet and greet with Candy herself!
Career Investment: $49

 Class Date: Time: Location: Registration Link:
 July 19, 2015 3pm-6pm  Renton, WA REGISTER HERE!




Inspiring Champions with Special Guest, Lauren Gartland!
WOULD YOU LIKE TO.....Work LESS and make MORE? Increase your income 20% to 50% NOW?
Proven tips and systems to GROW your business and team! "It is easier than you think when you know how,” says Lauren Gartland, Founder & President of Inspiring Champions, “You can quickly double or even triple your results by following practical and proven strategies—taking your income from ordinary to extraordinary!” Lauren Gartland is a very dynamic knowledgeable presenter who’s business, Inspiring Champions, has created great success for many in the PNW. Her topics are built around pre-booking and upselling.

  • A proven system to WIN your client’s for LIFE, in only 10-minutes!
  • 3 EASY communication skills to turn every client into a raving fan
  • A 30-second repeatable system to get all your clients in 2 to 4 extra visits per year
  • 2 proven ways to DOUBLE your income WITHOUT raising prices or seeing more clients
  • How to create MORE fun, time & balance in your LIFE by working smarter

If you are seeking proven ways to EARN MORE and WORK LESS then come early and get a front row seat with the Redhead Firecracker as she inspires you on how to take your business to the top! Learn more at: Career Investment: FREE!

 Class Date: Time: Location: Registration Link:
 July 19, 2015 10am-1pm  Renton, WA REGISTER HERE!


Become a Psy-Cosmetologist with Jay Williams
Psy-Cosmetology is a special place where psychology meets cosmetology. It has also been described where talent and trust come together. This is a very special Certification Workshop for those who wish to reach the very zenith of their career. Jay is a 10 year veteran in the professional beauty industry.

  • Increase your retention, rebooking, referrals, and reviews
  • Create relationships that last longer than your haircuts
  • Build trust with your clients
  • Deliver a brand-able experience
  • Understand why you might be the most influential person in your client’s life
  • Reignite your significance, self–worth and sense of belonging
  • Fall in love with the craft of hairdressing all over again!

Throughout 2013, Jay worked exclusively with Dr. Lew Losoncy to transform his best-selling book, On Becoming a Psy-Cosmetologist into a dynamic and powerful seminar. Working directly with the author and his source material, Jay has created an experience that reveals in four hours an entire lifetime of insight from the creator of Psy-Cosmetology. He understands your challenges and opportunities from your point of view and draws on his rich experience to help you unlock your own potential and fuel your passion. Career Investment: $129

Watch to learn more on Psy-Cosmetologist!

 Class Date: Time: Location: Registration Link:
 September 27, 2015
 12pm-4pm Beaverton, OR
 September 28, 2015
 10am-2pm Renton, WA


Artistry of Clipper Cutting
Join Babyliss Pro Designer, Dennis Joseph, in this advanced cutting and design demonstration featuring edgy new cuts and cutting techniques for both men and women. Learn specialized techniques including beveled graduation and weight distribution, layer with balance and control, irregular layering with controlled chaos. Career Investment: $25

Check back soon for more upcoming classes!





Brazilian Blowout Roadshow/Cluster Class

In two hours, you will become a certified Brazilian Blowout Stylist and have the opportunity to purchase special one-day only Brazilian Blowout promotions! You will also learn: How to address and overcome the controversy surrounding smoothing treatments; How to build a new client base with Brazilian Blowout; How to increase your average ticket, and make more money with your existing client base; Techniques for performing the treatment on clients with specific challenges: extra frizzy hair, extra short hair, extensions and more.
Career Investment: FREE!

 Class Date: Time: Location: Registration Link:
 July 9, 2015 10am-12pm  Sequim, WA
 July 20, 2015 10am-12pm  Renton, WA
 July 27, 2015 10am-12pm  Beaverton, OR  REGISTER HERE!
 July 27, 2015 10am-12pm  Olympia, WA REGISTER HERE!
 August 10th, 2015
 10am-12pm Bellingham, WA
 August 10th, 2015 10am-12pm Medford, OR  REGISTER HERE!
 August 31st, 2015
 10am-12pm Missoula, MT
 September 21st, 2015 10am-12pm Seattle, WA
 October 19th, 201510am-12pm








ColorProof Treatment Night

Time to celebrate being a ColorProof Envoy and find out what you can offer your salon and clients! ColorProof Artistic Specialist, Maria Fuentes will show you how to create and execute an in-salon ColorProof Treatment Night at your salon! This is designed to increase product sell-through, create brand awareness and learn different treatments that you can offer your clients to create larger service dollars!! 

Must be a current ColorProof Envoy to attend this event. Career Investment: FREE!

 Check back soon for more upcoming classes!








World Wide Hair Tour - WWHT 2016
WORLD WIDE HAIR TOUR is a unique opportunity to meet like-minded creative hairdressers, to swap trends, ideas and projects in an event dedicated to beauty: a value, which Davines translates into harmony, good taste and individuality. On stage, our stylists will share their latest insights, designed to teach trends from around the world.  World Style Contest offers an opportunity for hairstylists, to interpret their own individual style and win international recognition by competing on stage with finalists selected from around the world. Sustainability, a primary value for our company, shared also by all our salons in a mutual commitment, receives fitting acknowledgement in the Ecosalon Contest.  However, the WWHT is above all a get-together for salons that share the same vision, which is why each time Davines chooses to host the event in the city it believes can offer the greatest inspiration of the moment. After Paris and London, World Wide Hair Tour comes back to the USA, in the birthplace of cinema: Los Angeles!
Full Career Investment:
$1,495.00  **al a carte items available on registration page**


 Class Date: Time: Location: Registration Link:
 January 16-19, 2016
 9am-5pm Los Angeles, CA REGISTER HERE!


Intro to Mask Color
Explore the unique characteristics and benefits of Mask Hair Color. Stylists will leave with the ability to formulate, mix, and apply Mask Hair Color with confidence.  This class is perfect for any stylist that is new to Davines and needs to learn Product Knowledge. It's also great for someone interested in learning more about the Davines Mask Color Line. Career Investment: $25.00

 Check back soon for more upcoming classes! 


Mask Color Code
More Info to come. Career Investment: $100.00

 Check back soon for more upcoming classes!




Sally Rogerson 3-Day Women's Comprehensive Cutting Class
Learn the S•R Comprehensive Cutting Program in a three-day class with Sally Rogerson.The hands-on course covers all ten haircuts including long, medium and short hair lengths. S•R Education classes have a small teacher to student ratio and follow a hands-on, practical approach combined with short theory sessions. Career Investment: $650.00

 Class Date: Time: Location: Registration Link:
 October 18-20th, 2015
 9am-5pm Renton, WA











Kevin Murphy CUT.ME

CUT.ME showcases a series of techniques designed to increase movement in the hair. The course will use specifically designed scissors that create movement and texture. This is a new breed of scissors, ergonomically designed to the shape of the head and your hand. Increase your speed and accuracy with a blend of precision and free form techniques that will revolutionize the way you think about hair cutting. Lunch is provided. Career Investment: $300.00

 Class Date: Time: Location: Registration Link:
 July 20, 2015 9am-4pm  Whitefish, MT  REGISTER HERE!
 September 21, 2015
 9am-4pm Salt Lake City, UT REGISTER HERE!
 October 4th, 2015
 9am-4pm  Beaverton, OR  REGISTER HERE!
 October 5th, 2015  9am-4pm  Bend, OR  REGISTER HERE!


Kevin Murphy LEARN.ME
LEARN.ME is the most important class a salon will ever see. It is an exclusive tour into everything that KEVIN.MURPHY stands for. Classes that center around products usually become just that; a class about products. LEARN.ME is, most importantly, about understanding who we are and how and why this makes our product so unique. The culture, Core Principles and philosophies behind KEVIN.MURPHY are imperative for salons who have decided to partner with KEVIN.MURPHY. We believe that discussion on product is more than the liquid in the bottle. It’s in our stories, culture and history! Career Investment: $25.00

 Class Date: Time: Location: Registration Link:
 August 10, 2015 10am-12pm Renton, WA
 August 24, 2015 10am-12pm Salt Lake City, UT
 September 14, 2015 10am-12pm Beaverton, OR  REGISTER HERE!
 November 9, 2015 10am-12pm Salt Lake City, UT REGISTER HERE!
 November 9, 2015 10am-12pm Renton, WA REGISTER HERE!



Intro to Keune Color
This class is designed to share the features and benefits of Keune Tinta Color and Keune Semi Color. Learn the unique characteristics of our color lines and discuss the possibilities for use in your salon. This class is a great choice to begin your new relationship with Keune!
Career Investment:

 Class Date: Time: Location: Registration Link:
 June 29, 2015
 10am-12pm Boise, ID

Intro to Keune Balayage
It’s that time of year when clients are wanting soft, subtle changes with noticeable impact.  Discover the features and benefits of Keune lighteners.  Learn different methods of balayage, as we create the new trends of the season.  This demo will inspire you and give you the opportunity to add another creative service in your salon. Career Investment: FREE

Check back soon for more upcoming classes!






Experience Moroccanoil
Experience Moroccanoil with our Regional Educator Emmett Henley! This class will feature two live demos focusing on quite a few different looks. Emmett will be sharing all new tips and tricks using live models! Be ready to learn braiding, styling and finishing looks! All stylists will receive a swag bag with free Moroccanoil products. Light drinks and snacks provided.  Career Investment: $19.99


Check back soon for more upcoming classes!

Moroccanoil Knot Work
Twist, turn, knot and secure. This program looks at braiding in a new light and delivers multiple approaches to creating one of the hottest styles in fashion. Inspired by trends seen at fashion week and on the red carpets, Knot work will show you how to achieve multiple braiding techniques to craft versatile styles. Career Investment: $25

 Class Date: Time: Location: Registration Link:
 July 20, 2015
 10am-12pm Portland, OR
 July 27, 2015
 2pm-4pm Spokane, WA

GET INSPIRED WITH Moroccanoil's Fishtail How-To [VIDEO]


Moroccanoil Art of Bridal
Crafting beautiful updos is a true art. This bridal class is a great way to further your styling
knowledge and build expertise. From consultation to end look, learn tips and tricks to ensure
success with bridal looks. Hone your skills to achieve both classic and fashion-forward looks
using Moroccanoil hair care and styling products. Career Investment: $25

Check back soon for more upcoming classes!

Everyday Moroccanoil: A Beautiful Transformation with Dry Shampoo
Join us and learn tips and tricks from Moroccanoil Elevated Educators to get the most out of your summer. Be a part of in-Showroom demos and education from a Moroccanoil expert! This is an event you don't want to miss! Career Investment: FREE! 

 Check back soon for more upcoming classes!



Intro to OYA
Join us to learn everything there is to know about the OYA Portfolio. You will be introduced to the latest in hair color technology. OYA provides you with superior long lasting color results while maintaining the integrity of the hair, resulting in healthy, shiny results. This course will provide the nuts and bolts of what you need to successfully formulate your clients’ color, utilizing both our OYA Permanent and OYA Semi Permanent color systems. KISS (Keep It Simple System) will demonstrate how easy and versatile our color performs, and how it outshines the competition! You own it with OYA!
Career Investment: $25

 Class Date: Time: Location: Registration Link:
 July 13, 2015 10am-1pm Renton, WA
 July 20, 2015
 10am-1pm Beaverton, OR
 August 10, 2015
 10am-1pm Spokane, WA



The Balayage Workshop
Join us for a four hour, hands-on Balayage Workshop! You will learn how to paint energy into your haircuts and reduce highlighting time by half; learn to reawaken hair’s natural brilliance with Balayage. Unleash your inner artist and start painting your way to financial freedom! Jessee Skittrall, a long time Balyage Educator and an American Board Certified Haircolorist will be instructing this workshop! Dont miss out on a great hands-on learning opportunity!
Career Investment: $265.00 (Beaverton $250 due to no tax)

Check back soon for more upcoming classes!


 The Unwash Experience

What if we told you there is a new movement in hair care? One that challenges conventional wisdom and the vicious cycle of shampoo, condition, repeat. Welcome unwash... a new method to clean hair in a more civilized way, gently removing dirt and surface build up while locking in essential moisture and upholding your hair’s natural integrity. Thank you for your interest in our newest product line: Unwash!   We also want to extend a special invitation to our unwash events! Join us to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about unwash and the co-wash movement. Career Investment: FREE!

All classes are for licensed professionals unless otherwise noted.
Registration is required for all classes.


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